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Earth Day: Activities for Adults & Kiddos

Happy Earth Day! We are more than thrilled to celebrate Earth Day this year and wish to share a few ways you can celebrate Earth Day this year! 


1. Take a Hike

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to enjoy and admire all of Earth's beauty! Take a hike today and enjoy all Earth has to offer. Stop and reflect, be mindful in nature, and take it all in at once. 

2. Plant a Garden

I feel connected to nature in many ways, one of those being garden work. There is something so refreshing about working with the Earth and growing your own food. This is a great activity to do with children!


3. Go Backyard Camping 

This is also a fun activity to do with kiddos! Set up a tent in your backyard and camp out for the night. Spend the night in nature and enjoy all it has to offer! This is a great bonding experience as well as a fun memory to share for years to come! 

4.  Use Reusable Shopping Bags

This is one that I personally live by on the regular. Using reusable grocery bags is good for the environment and reduces plastic waste. I prefer the insulated grocery bags that allow me to make a couple stops after the grocery store because it keeps my items fresh and cold / hot for much longer than a traditional plastic shopping bag ever could.

5. Power Down

Take today as an opportunity to limit time on electronics and enjoy today! Allow your mind to be creative and free in nature.

6. Paint Pots + Grow Seeds

Allow yourself / kiddos to unleash your creative potential and paint your own personal planter. Once you are done, you can plant your own seeds and set your pots by a window. Watch it grow and record / track its growth with your kiddos. Allow them to observe the plant in its growth and learn how nature works firsthand.


7. Make a Pledge

Some people pledge to change for the betterment of the Earth on Earth Day rather that be to reduce waste, recycle more, limit plastic use, give up meat consumption, or simply to start a garden. You can take today to pledge and make a difference.


Photography By: Dakota Monk from BURST


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