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Non-Toxic Candles For Healthy Families

The Truth About Harmful Candles 

Did you know candles can contain dangerous toxins and carcinogens that can cause harm to you and your families? Yes, this is true! Candles can carry toxins, carcinogens, phthalates, mutagens and other nasty ingredients in their oils that can be released into the air once you light their wicks. It is so essential that we are educated on the products we are exposing ourselves and families to.


3 Ways to Tell If Your Candle Is Toxic

1. Wax Type

Many people do not know this, but your wax type says a lot about your candle. Some waxes, such a paraffin wax (which is a petroleum by-product), contain harmful ingredients. Popular, healthier alternatives that we recommend would include 100% soy wax or 100% coconut wax. Scent Hippie, LLC combines virgin coconuts and soybeans in our wax blend to promote sustainability, promote a clean burn, and offer a high-quality product...all while keeping our products clean and non-toxic.

How to Investigate

You can go to the brands website and investigate what type of candle wax they use. Some websites will display their wax type. If you cannot find this on the website, feel free to reach out to the company and ask questions. 


2.  Fragrance Oils

This is the star of the show and the vehicle of every candle. The fragrance oils are what allow the candle to have its own unique smell. The thing that fills my kitchen transporting me from a French cafe, full of freshly baked bread and rich coffee...or to a cold Christmas night surrounded by juniper and balsam with a touch of cold mountain air. Who doesn't love the sound of that! Sadly, some fragrance oils do contain dangerous ingredients. Some oil combinations can be described as what we like to say proprietary. The term "proprietary" simply means companies are not interested in sharing their secret to how their products smell so amazing. Do you see where we are going with this? This allows companies to include harmful ingredients in their products without them having to really share what they are doing. Harmful ingredients such as phthalates can be added to oils to make fragrances last longer but have harmful side effects if exposed over a long period of time. "Clean scents" do not involve harmful ingredients like toxins, parabens, carcinogens, or mutagens. Companies that offer "clean scents" should have documentation (SDS sheets and lab documentation) verifying their fragrances are clean.

How to Investigate

You have the right to know what ingredients are in the products you are using therefore you should be able to request ingredients from the company you are purchasing from. Be on the lookout for lab-verified scents. You can tell if a scent is clean if it contains no toxins, mutagens, parabens, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, acute toxins, or organ toxins. Products that do not include these ingredients are literally the best option you could purchase. If you are interested in knowing if your favorite company uses clean scents, reach out to them and ask for their documentation.


3. Research the Brand

As a customer you have the right to know what is in the products you are purchasing. You, as the consumer, have the option to reach out to the brand and request information critical to your health. Brands that have your best interest in mind would be more than happy to answer your questions while being transparent about their products. I mean, what is there to hide if you are creating healthy products with your customers best interest in mind.

How to Investigate 

Get to know the brand you are buying from! A few simple ways to research a brand would be to check out the brands about page displayed on their website, visit their social media pages, read their reviews from real customers, or reach out to them via email. Do you know what this brand stands for? Is this brand producing ethical products with their consumers health in mind?


Scent Hippie handcraftes 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Toxin-Free, Mutagen-free, Phthalate-Free, Carcinogen-Free candles.

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